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The School of Concepts

The School of Concepts

The book "The School of Concepts" deals with concepts that shape our daily lives. The twelve concepts: "order", "diligence", "obedience", "reliability", "punctuality", "freedom", "happiness", "help", "leadership", "gratitude", "joy" and "peace" are looked at from the perspective of their use and understanding today and placed in relation to their true meaning. The reader is shown how oftern these apparently so simple concepts are misused and not understood; this being the reason for the numerous misunderstandings, the all-prevalent distrust and the great suffering of so many people. In all simplicity, the explanation of the individual concepts is given with regard to their meaning resting in the laws of creation so that a conception of them is again made possible.  

The explanation about the concepts was written at the beginning of the past century and is connected with the philosophy that underlies the Grail Message "In the Light of Truth" by Abd-ru-shin. The publisher, Verlag Alexander Bernhardt, has now decided to publish this book, since the explanation contained therein bring clarity into the universal confusion of language and can offer help and guidance to many a human being striving for high values.


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