Good deeds out of ambition
Responsibility of judges
Unbelieving preachers
Denial of the adoption by God
The Grail Movement
Social and political questions
The art of breathing
Church attendance
Relapsing into old faults
Publisher’s sign
Does Abd-ru-shin have opponents?
What training did Abd-ru-shin have?
Crucifixion of the Son of God
Revelation of John
Adoption by God
Fainthearted believers
The mystery of Konnersreuth
The thief on the cross
Changing sex with reincarnation
Are all questions answered?
Was Christ a vegetarian?
The real creation and the material world
Mysticism, occultism and spiritism
Is Abd-ru-shin an opponent of astrology?
The Konnersreuth case
What is energy? What is gravity?
Recognition of incarnations from photographs
Is Abd-ru-shin a seer?
Who was the soul in the Konnersreuth mystery?
Can a person possessed by a demon be healed?
Christ and reincarnation
Attraction of homogeneous species
Using the pendulum
Criterion for occultism
The Son of Man
Knowing through compassion
Reincarnation and religious creeds
Sects and their activities
Invocation of saints
The relationship of the Grail Message to other teachings
The Grail Message and Jews
The Son of Man as judge
What is Truth?
How was it before creation?
Examining the Word
The one called by the Light
Grail service
Reply to expressions of hostility
Unpleasant thoughts
Why do many people find nothing in the Grail Message?
Does God punish?
Spirit and soul
What are slanderers?
Abd-ru-shin’s attitude towards existing associations
Practical earthly advice
The Grail Message breaks up sects
What is serious seeking?
Feelings of inferiority
The pure simpleton
X-ray eyes
The temptation of the Son of God Jesus in the wilderness
Is there a “providence”?
The expulsion from paradise
Work without joy
Mistakes despite the best volition
Inability to recognise the working of God
Natural and violent death
Mercy and justice
Fate of the Incas
Hostile attacks
Attacks through churches and sects
The miracles of Jesus
Does the over-cultivation of the frontal brain have physical disadvantages?
Right assessment of one’s fellow-men
Giving and receiving
Is Abd-ru-shin a Jew?
Is physical resurrection possible?
Countering attacks
Cancer research
Final declaration

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